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But the iPhone 6 is a big step forward for Apple, and it is by no means a bad deal. OK, Xperia Z2 owners will be grumpy and rightfully so. It can't continue pumping out an iteration of its best phone every six months but Sony itself admits this won't be forever. Just till it gets on top, we'd bet. But even we accept that in the smartphone world Apple's rivals are catching up. In the case of this rival, however, we can't see many compelling reasons to choose the Xperia Z3 over the iPhone 6. But although the Xperia is more robust than the iPhone it isn't as pretty, and in all other respects - including price - we'd choose the iPhone 6.

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We are kind of liking Sony's approach, though, as it allows the company to stay on top of the bi-annual Android cycle of spring-fall flagships, while experimenting and improving with greater frequency. The Z3 has a thinner chassis, faster processor, brighter display and better photo and audio quality than the Z2, while keeping everything else great intact. These might not seem significant upgrades each on its own, but the cumulative effect is pretty powerful.

The only gripe we have with the phone has to do with Sony's signature thick top and bottom bezels, which makes it largish for the screen size, yet we are willing to let those slide for the waterproof certification, and the front stereo speakers you are getting. The big caveat is that as it shares so much of its hardware with its predecessor, it may not have the longevity of other devices hitting the market like the Galaxy Note 4.

Is the mini Z3 too good? In fact, unless you want the bigger screen of the Z3, it really makes no sense to buy it over the Compact. Sony might have done too good a job.

Sony Xperia Z3 review Sorgente: It's a beautiful device that is lightweight, offered in nice metallic colours and the rounded edges make it a pleasure to hold. It stays true to the Xperia style but it is the best looking flagship phone Sony has offered so far by a long way. Sony Xperia Z3 hands on review Sorgente: This is a smartphone that deserves attention. It's supremely specced in all the right places and shows that Sony does care about how people use its gadgets.

And it may just be the best all-rounder you can buy. While we haven't tried out a final version of the phone just yet, navigating around the OS in our hands-on time was slick with no lag at all. Obviously we'll be testing that out further as soon as we can get a full sample in. Sony Xperia Z3 review — daintiness!

It focuses on addressing the heft of the previous Z and is now thinner, thus easier to use everyday. Ecco, Galaxy Note 4 nel nostro confronto risulterà certamente campione di flessibilità. Questo phablet non propone praticamente in nessun comparto dotazioni hardware da record se non lo storage nel modello top. Chi cerca il massimo quantitativo di Ram, o la Cpu con la frequenza di clock più elevata, o la fotocamera più muscolare, non è di casa, in Apple. E per qualcuno questa limitazione è di grave impatto.

E poi per esempio la connettività NFC è limitata a specifici utilizzi. Invece i punti di forza sono figli proprio di questa perfetta integrazione hardware e software. Si sa, Apple, per esempio, non fa certo aspettare mesi gli aggiornamenti, semplicemente perché deve prepararne uno solo per tutti i propri modelli.

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Not that the Galaxy Note 4 is a slow phone — its Snapdragon can handle anything thrown at it — but the Galaxy S6 edge is more refined of a smartphone with its superior hardware configuration, and that's a plus.

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When we reviewed the Galaxy Note 4 several months ago, it was hard to imagine how a handset could get any better, yet here we are, holding on to the Samsung Galaxy S6 which gives the answers to our question. It isn't leading by much, but ultimately, it does deliver a bigger bang for your buck considering that the two phones carry a similar on-contract price tag. Of course, making the choice between the two will be affected by one's priorities, but the number of reasons to go with the Galaxy S6 is greater, in our opinion.

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How much will they be? Intergalactic camera shootout: Galaxy S6 vs.

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  • Galaxy S5 vs. Note 4 vs. A full year divides the Galaxy S5 and S6 and between them there was distinct improvement. The Galaxy Note 4 is more recent and benefits from some of the same camera improvements that the S6 boasts, most notably, the Sony IMX sensor and the optical image stabilization. And if recent announcements are the trend, it might be the last combination of those traits we see from Samsung.

    It's also big on price. Nexus 6 vs. The Galaxy Note 4 is self-contained and focused on physical excellence, while the Nexus 6 tries to deliver all the cloud services Google has on offer to as many people as possible. There is certainly room for improvement, but by and large this is an excellent Android phone and a genuinely useful phablet-come-PDA.

    Featuring a luxurious metal design, stellar screen, wealth of enterprise security services and above average battery, the iPhone 6 Plus is a great smartphone for anyone in Apple's ecosystem.

    Compare Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs Sony Xperia Z3

    That said, for those embedded in ecosystems outside Apple's, there is still plenty to like about Google's and Samsung's phablets, which both feature superior rear cameras and an equally impressive array of enterprise productivity services. Note 4 vs Nexus 6 review Sorgente: V3. Google's latest smartphone would be an obvious choice for those after a stock Android 5.

    It also came out top when it comes to battery life and storage, offering the option to expand the 32GB internal memory via microSD. It brings the premium factor that was lacking in Note 4 along with upgrading specs in every way possible. If you are looking for a large-sized Android handset, the Note 4 should be on top of your list. It's got a better screen, more power and a stronger camera than the iPhone 6 Plus, OnePlus One and Nokia Lumia making it the standout phablet on the market. Samsung's design language in both its hardware and software may not be to everyone's taste, but if you can get past this then you'll be laughing.

    The only flagship feature missing would be the water and dust resistance that was seen on the Galaxy S5, but then the advantages offered by the Note 4 far outweigh the omission of the IP67 certification.

    iPhone 6 vs Galaxy Alpha vs Xperia Z3 Compact: Tre re | Recensioni FanPhones

    Android Lollipop is another feature one would expect from the Note 4, but that should come out anytime next year. Although they run the same version of Android, they use their own user interfaces, or skins which make them very different. Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 is a little pricier than the entry-level iPhone 6, but it works out better value when you take into account storage and the fact its price will quickly fall. It has a better screen, better connectivity options, better battery life, a better front camera and although it might not be as fast as the iPhone 6, it's certainly fast enough.

    Galaxy Note 4: Which one's right for you? Sorgente: Computerworld. From its design and ergonomics to its user interface, speakers, performance, and button setup, it's just generally the nicer and more pleasant-to-use device. It does lack the ability to view multiple apps on screen at the same time -- which is a bummer -- but the phone's overall user experience is so much stronger that for the typical consumer, I think it'll be the preferable option.

    Not to mention that it's less expensive, which is a nice side perk. The iPhone 6 Plus changes that for those who want simplicity, iOS games and OS X integration, but if you can look through all the useless Samsung clutter, the Note 4 is still every bit as powerful. Still, the Nexus 6 is absolutely not to be overlooked, because it does have a more polished and consistent overall user experience, as well as Motorola's signature sturdy build quality. And what about the Nexus 6? Would that device be a better phablet option for consumers? Without spending any time with the Nexus 6, I can tell you a couple of things which might sway you to the Galaxy Note 4.

    But back on the Galaxy Note 4 as a standalone device — the phone is fantastic.

    Cellulari apple iphone 8 prezzo

    The screen is unmatched in quality, the camera delivers stunning shots in the right conditions, the battery life is best-in-class, and the specs make it a contender for heavyweight champion of the smartphone world. The Note 4 is the answer to that. So let me just go ahead and say that yes, yes you should. Unfortunately for the nevertheless appealing Note Edge, when the smoke clears, the Note 4 proves to be the better bet — it's got the more ergonomic body and a noticeably-better battery life.

    It is, on the whole, a great device with plenty of power and features. Just make sure you want a phablet before committing. Samsung has yet again proved that it is the king among the phablet makers, and if you are looking for real-estate, this is where you should invest. As long as you're aware that you're buying a huge phone and will get the most out of what it offers.

    Otherwise a smaller and cheaper handset is probably a better choice — the Galaxy S5 or one of its rivals.